'Fire Emblem Echoes' Deen or Sonya: How to choose between these possible recruits


If you want to recruit Deen in Fire Emblem Echoes, you're going to have to make a tough choice. When you reach Act 3 in Shadows of Valentia, you'll get the opportunity to recruit either Deen or Sonya. Unfortunately, choosing one will keep you from being able to recruit the other until you start a new game. Below we detail the exact method you need to use to get Deen in Fire Emblem Echoes, or, alternatively, how you get Sonya.

How to recruit Deen or Sonya in Fire Emblem Echoes

When you reach Act 3 and take control of Celica, you'll reach a map called Desert Stronghold. Once you beat the enemies outside of the stronghold, you can proceed inside for a cutscene featuring Grieth, Sonya and Deen.

After you leave the Desert Stronghold, your objective is Greith's Citadel. There are two routes you can take to get to the citadel. You can head through the Northern or Southern Desert, both of which are guarded by an army led by either Deen or Sonya. 

Make sure you chose the location that contains the character you don't want to recruit, and fight through to Greith's Citadel. Once you defeat Greith, you will meet the character you didn't defeat in battle, and they'll join your party.

Should I recruit Deen or Sonya in Fire Emblem Echoes?

Both Deen and Sonya are valuable additions to your party. Deen is a quick Myrmidon, and Sonya is a powerful mage. However, by the time you get the opportunity to recruit them, you more than likely have plenty of Swordsmen, which makes Sonya the better pick.

Sonya's growth potential is also much higher than Deen's. She also wields Excalibur and has great spell range. All in all, between the two, Sonya is by far the better choice.

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