Diplo brings his best Julian Assange drag to the Billboard Music Awards

While everyone was rightfully awestruck by powerful performances from Cher, Celine and Miley, there was another, less talked about diva moment on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet: Diplo.

The 38-year-old DJ/producer showed up to the awards dressed in what can only be described as Julian Assange drag.

Richard Shotwell/AP Images
Richard Shotwell/AP Images

Twitter was quick to take notice.

The look is not without a knowing reference.

Earlier this month, Diplo posted a picture on Instagram of his newly dyed hair with the caption "julian assange" after the whale emoji.

Even Diplo himself got in on the meme-ery.

But the comparison is nothing new.

Tweets from as far back as 2011 have long compared Diplo to the controversial WikiLeaks founder.

Glad we got to the bottom of that.