This teen's cover of "Addicted to My Ex" is a masterpiece — and the internet is obsessed

Unless you enjoy watching 13-year-olds lip-synch to Justin Bieber lyrics, most content on isn't all that interesting.

Nevertheless, the app, which allows users to sync short videos to music or audio clips, has become a hit with teens. Kids spend hours perfecting Baby Ariel-esque hand motions and cutting together video edits in order to garner more hearts and become popular on the app.

But in an instant, one teen named Isaiah Howard has outdone them all. His video, set to rapper M-City J.r.'s song "Addicted to My Ex," might just be's greatest masterpiece.

The video is a succession of rapid-fire cuts that match up perfectly with every lyric and give Howard seemingly magical abilities with cars, cash and outfit changes that appear out of nowhere.


While one older user complained the video "made him queasy," social media and reality TV star Spencer Pratt praised Howard as a "next-level wizard." The video currently has over 6 million views across platforms.


If you're not interested in downloading the app and following him there, Howard has also launched a Twitter account to share his greatest hits. 

It's a performance even the olds might appreciate.