Who is Brother Bob in 'The Keepers'? What we know about Sister Cathy's rumored killer


Already being called a darker, more harrowing documentary than Making a Murderer, Netflix's The Keepers features some truly disturbing villains. One in particular is Brother Bob.

Jean Hargadon Wehner, one of the students who was allegedly raped by a number of priests at the Archbishop Keough High School, declared Cathy Cesnik's murderer to be the mysterious Brother Bob. According to Wehner, Brother Bob abused her as well, along with Father Maskell and Father Magnus, but she has no recollection of his face. She believes Brother Bob could've easily been a pseudonym to keep his identity secret from the women he raped.


"To this day, I'm more terrified of Brother Bob than I have ever been of Joseph Maskell because I don't know who this Brother Bob is," Wehner says in the documentary, according to Bustle. "I don't remember the man's face and I have no idea if he's still out there."

She does, however, remember Brother Bob telling her that, although he didn't want to, he killed Cesnik. He apparently told Wehner that Cesnik threatened to report the abuse being conducted by the priests, so he killed her. 

At the start of the documentary series, Wehner didn't remember much at all about Bob, likely because the abuse she experienced resulted in a lot of repressed memories. Over time, however, certain details started to come to her. 

Brother Bob was one of several unidentified men who Father Maskell allegedly brought in to rape Wehner. She recalled him being more uncontrollable than the others, and had to be "reigned in" by Maskell on a number of occasions. 


Maskell may have also used Brother Bob's frightening behavior to scare Wehner into staying quiet about Cesnik's mysterious death in 1969. After Cesnik was killed, Maskell took Wehner to see her dead body. "You see what happens when you say bad things about people?" he asked her.

Wehner, along with the many other women who were abused, have found little absolution with regard to holding their priest abusers accountable. It's understandably difficult to find solid evidence in a case that's so cold using accounts that are nothing more than spotty memories. If this investigative series uncovers enough information to bring more of the wrongdoers to justice, it may rock the archdiocese as much as when the Boston Globe uncovered 34 years of priest abuse. 

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