'Overwatch' Anniversary Event Highlight Intros: Where did they go?


The Overwatch Anniversary event has begun — and it's wonderful. Although the event doesn't have a new game mode like previous events have, it has the most legendary skins for any one event, as a well as dance emotes for every hero.

However, there was another cosmetic that's come in every event that was always a thing to get excited for — highlight intros.

Overwatch Anniversary Event: Blizzard went for depth instead of breadth

It seems that Blizzard decided to focus on skins and emotes over other cosmetics. It's apparent that each legendary skin has been painstakingly crafted over the course of months. 

Unfortunately though, highlight intros are one of the cosmetics that got chopped. There are no new highlight intros for the anniversary event. But, luckily, some of the new skins make the old highlight intros even more amazing.

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