With these 6 Cannes appearances, Elle Fanning cemented her fashion girl status

The 2017 Cannes red carpet has been filled with countless memorable looks from the likes of style icons such as Isabelle Huppert and Nicole Kidman.

But there was one woman who managed to steal the spotlight from her peers: Elle Fanning. With several films at Cannes, including How to Talk to Girls at Parties and The Beguiled, Fanning was the darling of the festival. Along with the solid reviews her movies received, Fanning turned out several major looks that elevated her style status.

At just 19 years old, Fanning has gracefully begun her celebrity adulthood, and her movie choices reflect that. It is clear she is heading into the next phase of her career and is ready for total movie-star status. During her time at Cannes, Fanning shed the simple, adorable image she'd become known for and elevated her fashion, looking like a star beyond her years.

Below are the six looks that cemented Fanning's status as one to watch on the red carpet.

Elle in Rodarte

'The Beguiled' red carpetArthur Mola/AP

For the premiere of The Beguiled, she went full glamor in a strapless Rodarte gown.

Elle in Alexander McQueen

'The Beguiled' photo callThibault Camus/AP

The effort in her looks didn't just stop at the red carpet. Her photo call outfits were equally as amazing, especially this Alexander McQueen number.

Elle in Christian Dior Couture

Cannes 70th anniversary red carpetArthur Mola/AP

The actress served up a stunning look once again in this Christian Dior Couture dress.

Elle in Prada

Elle Fanning at the 'How to Talk to Girls at Parties' photo callArthur Mola/AP

Cannes is the perfect festival to have some fun at and Fanning did exactly that in this Prada shift dress. Serving mod girl realness, Fanning looked effortless.

Elle in Gucci

'How to Talk to Girls at Parties' red carpetArthur Mola/AP

She showed up in this plunging Gucci dress to the How to Talk to Girls at Parties premiere, and no one was prepared for such a look.

Elle in Vivienne Westwood

Cannes opening ceremony red carpetArthur Mola/AP

Fanning kicked off the festival with what was arguably her finest look at Cannes. She had a showstopping arrival on the red carpet in this custom-made Vivienne Westwood gown. It set the tone for what she was going to deliver for the rest of Cannes and gave her one of the most memorable appearances during the entire festival.

Outside of Kidman, few actresses were as busy at the festival as Fanning. At a young age, her career is exploding, and she was able to cement that by appearing at the festival dressed like the movie star she's ready to be.