Michael Moore Obama Ad Makes Lena Dunham First Time Ad Look Oscar Worthy


I'll watch Lena Dunham's "first time voting/first time sex" ad for Obama 50 times before I'll re-watch Michael Moore's nauseating effort to keep himself and MoveOn.org relevant. Moore manages to exploit the 80-and-over crowd while offending just about everyone else in one of the worst political ads ever made. I wish I could bleach my eyes and unhear this ad.

First, it's the 97-year old woman threatening to burn this "motherf***** down." Once everyone's slapping their knees laughing at her, the 75-year old lady says she'll "c*** punch" Romney in the "nut sack" if he wins. Just in case people don't find those two ladies hilarious enough, an 85-year old man guarantees that even after he's dead, he and his deceased pals will keep a close eye on Romney voters having sex, especially with relatives.

Many years ago, I saw Michael Moore's movie, Roger & Me. I laughed at this movie. I thought he embarrassed the evil corporate overlord of General Motors, Roger Smith. I was surprised to see someone ambush someone like that, and I was naturally sympathetic to the people in Flint, MI who were out of work.

Of course many things in the movie were exaggerated, untrue, or twisted out of proportion. I didn't know this at the time. I was in Moore's demographic. But Roger & Me is to Moore's later work like Fahrenheit 911 (disavowed by Ray Bradbury) as a small McDonald's hamburger is to a double Wendy's Baconator.

I thought Moore had hit rock bottom when he showed up with other "celebrities" to exploit the Occupy Wall Street protests last fall. His efforts to lead cheers and protests looked dated, leaden and lame. Then Victor Davis Hanson commented that Moore was seldom seen in live interviews because he was so ill-educated and ill-informed that he "couldn't complete a sentence." 

Hanson mocked the low-testosterone, wheezy Moore patois. "You know, man, we're just being exploited, man, like we're the 99 percent and they're the 1 percent, man."

But this supposedly pro-Obama ad makes the typical Moore discourse sound like Shakespeare.

Christopher Hitchens put what Michael Moore is best: "Europeans think Americans are fat, vulgar, greedy, stupid, ambitious and ignorant and so on. And they've taken as their own, as their representative American, someone who actually embodies all of those qualities."

I finally figured out who Michael Moore reminds me of, too.

I bet he loves "sketti" just like Honey Boo Boo does.