Where did 'Bloodline' leave off in season 2? Recap before the Netflix season 3 premiere

Season three of Bloodline is set to be its last, and the show's storylines are at a fever pitch going into Friday's premiere. In season two's finale, all of the Rayburns' secrets seemed at risk of exposure, and John was ready to skip town. While Meg was about to spill everything to family matriarch Sally, Kevin went as far as murdering Detective Marco Diaz to keep things under wraps. Granted, it wasn't confirmed that Diaz is dead, but he seemed pretty dead.

With Diaz dead, the Rayburns will be at even higher risk of exposure — so now might be a good time for John to return. Although he's the most guilty (he committed the murder that got us here in the first place), it would look even more suspicious if he just disappeared completely.

Kyle Chandler doesn't look thrilled in season three of 'Bloodline'.Jeff Daly/Netflix

Will Meg tell everything? (Probably.) Is Marco Diaz dead? (Yes.) Will anyone on this show find redemption? (No idea.) Tune into the season three premiere Friday to find out.

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