'Overwatch' Anniversary Emotes: Orisa sits like a cat — and the internet loves it


We've discussed at extreme length the new skins Blizzard added to Overwatch in the new Anniversary event, but now it's time to talk about something on a much smaller scale: Orisa's new sit emote. Namely, that it makes her sit like a cat.

Orisa's new sit emote is adorable

In addition to the dance emotes every character got in Anniversary, Blizzard also added a handful of new emotes to its standard loot boxes. Specifically, it gave Orisa and Sombra the sitting and laugh emotes the Overwatch roster's more veteran members already had. 

Of that bunch, Orisa's sit emote is by far the standout. She carefully surveys what's around her, spins in a small circle, places each of her four feet in their precise locations, and then plops down and takes a look at her surroundings.

The fact she's a massive, hulking centaur robot of death only makes it cuter.

Specifically, the way she sits forms a "cat loaf," a phrase the internet has coined for when a cat lays down and hides all its feet.

And just like real cats, one player is trying to get Orisa to sit in all sorts of strange, hard-to-reach locations throughout Overwatch's maps.

I legitimately have no idea how Orisa got to any of those places. Good work, team. Carry on.

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