Pokémon's 'Magikarp Jump' mobile game, reviewed by a 4-year-old: "8/5; I want a unicorn"

ByVivi, age 4

These days, 4-year-olds are all about stealing away with their parents' tablets and playing mobile games trite enough to melt their growing brains. But not my kids. 

In addition to this 4-year-old's penchant for Toca Boca and Super Mario Run, I managed to convince her to download and play the Pokémon Company's brand-new game, Magikarp Jump. We sat down and I asked her a handful of questions while we played together. 

It looks like we'll be adding Pokémon Go to her mobile game collection so we can go on walks and catch some Pokémon together. Now, if Nintendo would only hurry up and announce Pokémon Stars, we'd be a very happy family indeed. — Amanda Farough

Amanda Farough/Mic

Magikarp Jump Review: Feeding the fish is the best

What's your favorite part of the game? 

I like feeding the fishy. It's cool.

Did you have fun?

Yeah! I like feeding the fishy. And making the fishy jump. I like winning.

What would you do to make the game more fun?

I want a unicorn in it.

What do you wish you could do more of in the game? 

I want to keep eating things with my fishy.

Does this make you want to play more Pokémon games? 

I don't have any other Pokémon games, Mama, but yeah.

What would you give it out of five stars?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

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