Cannes critics are raving about Robert Pattinson's role in 'Good Time'

It's a new dawn for Twilight star Robert Pattinson. After years of cultivating a post-Twilight reputation as a serious actor in lauded films like Cosmopolis and The Lost City of Z, Pattinson has finally achieved widespread, resounding acclaim with his role in Good Time at the 2017 Cannes Festival. While Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell and even Adam Sandler are drawing praise for their Cannes entries, Pattinson is earning the loudest buzz for what some critics call his "career best" performance in Good Time.

As a non-violent criminal racing to bail his mentally handicapped brother out of jail, Pattinson provides — according to Eric Kohn of IndieWire — "the propulsive energy that makes the whole apparatus churn. ... [Pattinson] transforms into a vain, reckless character driven against impossible odds."

Vanity Fair compares Pattinson's performance to Kristen Stewart's previous post-Twilight breakout performances at Cannes. With her roles in Olivier Assayas' Clouds of Sils Maria and Personal Shopper, Stewart enjoyed a similar career reinvention thanks to the festival.

With all this buzz, Pattinson might have a real shot at a Cannes best actor nomination. We'll have to wait until May 28 to see if he wins.

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