'Magikarp Jump' Patterns: These lovely fish come in all sizes and colors


Magikarp is known as the most-made-fun-of character in the Pokémon franchise. In fact, it's such a joke that there is one character in each Pokémon game that fights you with a team of six MagikarpMagikarp Jump, however, makes the little fish a bit more lovable with all the different colors and patterns. If you gotta catch them all, here's a breakdown of all the Magikarp patterns that you can find in Magikarp Jump

All the Magikarp patterns in Magikarp Jump

Each of the different Magikarps has a different pattern, ranging from simple stripes to completely new colors, and each one of those requires a new rod to catch.

Pokémon Go Hub

According to Pokémon Go Hub — which apparently is expanding it's work — for the simple orange Magikarp of all patterns, you'll need a regular "Old Rod" — you can also catch a gold Magikarp using the Old Rod.

When it comes to catching the other colors and patterns, you'll need variations of the Old Rod. With the Good Old Rod you can get:

Pink Two-Tone

Additionally, with the Great Old Rod, you can get:

Gray Bubbles

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