How to Fish in 'Magikarp Jump': Everything you need to know about catching a new Magikarp


Magikarp Jump is a cute, stylish new mobile game starring its namesake — the floppiest, most infamously useless Pokémon of them all. (It could definitely use a few more unicorns, too.)

The game holds your hand pretty tightly from one phase to the next, to such a degree that the strategy — if any — you're supposed to use isn't explained very well. That's especially true when it comes to fishing, the system by which you acquire new Magikarp.

We're here to break it down for you. Here's how to fish in Magikarp Jump.

How to fish in Magikarp Jump

In the early levels, Magikarp Jump only lets you fish for a new Magikarp once you lose your current Magikarp — when it retires, gets killed by a Voltorb or hunted by a particularly hungry Pidgeotto, for example.

However, according to Serebii, once you reach rank 20, you can choose to retire your current Magikarp and go fishing for a new one.

The whole fishing process is automated and randomized, rather than skill-based. If you happen to fish a Magikarp that has a low rarity and you decide you want something better, you can choose to spend 10 diamonds to try your luck again. 

The other way you can control what kind of Magikarp you catch is through the type of fishing rod you have. (Check out our full guide to the different types of rods here.)

When you catch a Magikarp, the fisherman's reaction will indicate the potential of that particular Pokémon, according to Serebii. The responses listed below are organized from the lowest potential to the highest:

• Not much of an individual, though, is it?

That's all there is to it. Happy fishing.

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