'Pokémon Go' Memorial Day Event: What could it look like?


With Niantic's addition of micro-events this month in Pokémon Go, fans are hopeful we'll see another one for Memorial Day, beginning either Saturday or Sunday. It's not out of the question, given Niantic is primarily based in the United States. However, with the rock-type Adventure Week having just ended and the promise of something much bigger and more legendary on the horizon for the summer, it seems unlikely Niantic would want to load up May with three events.

However, it's always fun to engage in the Pokémon Go community's favorite pastime: speculation. So, Mic figured we'd give our best guess as to what a Memorial Day event would look like.

Pokémon Go Memorial Day event: Bulk up for summer with fighting-type Pokémon

It's late May, which means those lucky few who had the drive to go to the gym and eat right all winter are getting ready to show off their beach bods. For the rest of us, we could live vicariously through those bona fide beef boys known as fighting types — specifically, Machop and Machamp.

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Maybe Niantic could even couple it with an increased chance of hatching Tyrogue from eggs, since it has three evolutions as of Gen 2. Additionally, Gen 2 only introduced three more fighting-type Pokémon into the mix, so it'd be perfect for a smaller-scale event.

Pokémon Go Memorial Day event: BBQ with some fire-type Pokémon

Summer is fast approaching, which means drinking cold cans with friends and cooking burgers and hot dogs on the grill. It seems like the perfect time for a fire-type event. There's even precedent: We've had both water-type and grass-type events this year, meaning fire is the only starting Pokémon type that hasn't gotten some extra love.

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There are also some great fire type Pokémon to catch — Growlithe, Houndour, Charmander, and Cyndaquil are all probably missing from a lot of players' Pokédexes, and a small-scale fire-type event would be a great way to even that out.

Pokémon Go Memorial Day event: Remember why you hate summer with a bug-type event

OK, so hear us out on this one. Yes, the majority of bug-type Pokémon are pretty bad in Pokémon Go, and there's no reason to make a specific bug-type Pokémon event — unless you're looking to get a perfect IV Scizor or something. But there's one bug-type Pokémon that North American players can't get yet: Heracross, the bug/fighting type that appears to be region-exclusive to South America. 

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A bug-type event like this would be the perfect opportunity for Niantic to experiment with making regional migrations a reality. During this event, it would be Heracross — but tomorrow, maybe Farfetch'd or Mr. Mime? The only issue we can foresee with making this one a micro-event is that making Heracross available for a super-limited time might disappoint a lot of players — including those in South America, who can already catch Heracross with some regularity.

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