'Super Mega Baseball 2' Release Date: New trailer and information revealed


On Friday, Metalhead Software released a new trailer for Super Mega Baseball 2 highlighting the improved artwork and revealing the release month for the upcoming game.

According to the trailer, which you can see below, SMB2 is scheduled to release in September on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

As was the case in the original: Customization, fun, strategy and over-the-top characters look to be the lifeblood of SMB2.

The differences between female and male characters are more pronounced in the sequel, and the stadium renders are far more grandiose, but also realistic with the new lighting.

The first Super Mega Baseball was critically acclaimed, receiving an 85 Metacritic score, creating a hearty buzz and anticipation for the sequel — this holds especially true for Xbox One-owning baseball fans.

With Sony's MLB The Show being a PlayStation exclusive, SMB 2 is the closest Xbox One fans will get to a simulation-style baseball game.

So, any Xbox One owners who are jonesing for virtual diamond action: You'll just have to wait a few more months. 

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