What $1,000 a month rent gets you in the 10 biggest US cities

ByJames Dennin

When it comes to real estate in the United States, no two cities are the same. True, $1,000 is almost always going to be enough money to get a roof over your head: You simply may need a roommate, especially if you're in New York or San Jose, but you'll be able to find something. 

But if square footage is your main concern, urban dwellers might find they can get the best deal in big cities like Houston: There, housing costs are low enough so that you can rent two bedrooms for less than $900 per month. In more expensive cities like San Jose, California, that wouldn't even be enough money to rent the average studio. 

Curious as to what $1,000 gets you in other major cities? We pulled Trulia listings from the top ten largest metropolitan areas in the country, along with pictures. You just might feel inspired to move: In San Antonio, a grand a month will even get you a pool. 

10. San Jose, California 

Population: 1,025,350

Median rent (1 bedroom): $2,260 to $2,340 

Median rent (2 bedroom): $2,750 to $2,850

You'll be hard pressed to find your own one-bedroom or studio for under $1,000 a month in San Jose, where the proximity to Silicon Valley keeps rents on the high end. The room below is available for $950 a month, fully furnished and in the West San Jose neighborhood; you get access to a shared bathroom, kitchen, washer-dryer and backyard.

Mic /With permission from the owner.

9. Dallas, Texas  

Population: 1,317,929

Median rent (1 bedroom): $1,270 to $1,320

Median rent (2 bedroom): $1,750 to $1,800

Compared with San Jose, $1,000 in Dallas will get you a lot further. In fact, that price range should land you a one-bedroom in a development with some pretty swanky amenities, like a fitness center or a pool.

Mic /Management Support

8. San Diego, California 

Population: 1,406,630

Median rent (1 bedroom): $1,550 to $1,590

Median rent (2 bedroom): $2,100 to $2,160

San Diego can be pricy — one bedrooms go for almost double what they go for in San Antonio, for example. That said, for a little more than $1,200 a month, you can get yourself a studio in San Diego that's within walking distance of the beach; Trulia does note the neighborhood has more crime than average.


7. San Antonio, Texas 

Population: 1,492,510

Median rent (1 bedroom): $820 to $880

Median rent (2 bedroom): $1,050 to $1,080

$1,000 a month goes pretty far in San Antonio — for that price you can almost score two bedrooms in a housing development that boasts easy commutes and cushy amenities, including an on-site gym, pool and laundry facilities.

Mic /Algarita Lakeside

6. Phoenix, Arizona

Population: 1,615,017

Median rent (1 bedroom): $890 to $900

Median rent (2 bedroom): $1,040 to $1,100

Generally speaking, the South West offers relatively affordable home prices and in Phoenix, $1,000 a month will get you pretty far. This complex in North Phoenix offers one-bedrooms for less than $1,000 a month and studios for even cheaper. There are also a few cool amenities, including a shared outdoor barbecue and a pool.

Mic /Madison Grove

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Population: 1,567,872

Median rent (1 bedroom): $1,360 to $1,454

Median rent (2 bedroom): $1,580 to $1,872

The Korman Residential complex in Southwest Philadelphia has listings for studios and one-bedrooms for less than $1,000 per month, and offers access to a private dog park and community garden.

Mic /Live Korman

4. Houston, Texas 

Population: 2,303,482

Median rent (1 bedroom): $1,090 to $1,110

Median rent (2 bedroom): $1,360 to $1,390

Houston offers some of the lowest rents on the list: We were able to find listings for two bedroom, two bathroom homes for less than $900 a month. This home below is also located in a development with lots of lush facilities including on-site laundry and a pool.

Mic /Sterling Point and Milagro Apartments.

3. Chicago, Illinois 

Population:  2,704,958

Median rent (1 bedroom): $1,520 to $1,680

Median rent (2 bedroom): $1,580 to $2,150

By a hair, $1,000 a month will rent you this one bedroom in Lincoln Square, the artsy neighborhood in the North-end. At $995 a month you will not exactly have a ton left over, but heating is included and the deposit is only $300 to move in. According to the listing, it's also a corner-apartment, meaning it will get lots of extra light.

Mic /Trulia

2. Los Angeles, CA

Population: 3,976,322

Median rent (1 bedroom): $1,930 to $2,090

Median rent (2 bedroom): $2,750 to $2,980

As you might expect, housing can be pricey in Los Angeles, but $1,000 will be enough to rent you a room in a nice unit. You can get a room and private bathroom in a cute three bedroom home like the one below — though you'll share kitchen, dining, and living rooms — within 20 minutes of downtown LA.

Mic /Trulia

1. New York City, NY

Population: 8,537,673

Median rent (1 bedroom): $2,910 to $3,200

Median rent (2 bedroom): $3,450 to $4,260

New York City has some of the most expensive real estate in the world, and so it's no surprise $1,000 generally won't get you the kind of space or privacy you'd be afforded elsewhere. That said, it's usually possible to find a single bedroom for rent in that price range once you get outside of the pricier neighborhoods in Manhattan. This one in Hamilton Heights is gentle on the cash-strapped, since it's already furnished and there's no broker fee. 

Mic /Trulia

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