'Magikarp Jump' Events: Here's how each encounter happens

Magikarp Jump is a pretty strange game that involves exclusively catching one of the weakest Pokémon in the franchise — and its various forms. One thing that strings the game together, however, is different events that get triggered when you complete parts of the game. 

There are about 30 events in Magikarp Jump that each happen in a different way. Here's what you need to know about all of them.

Magikarp Jump events: Here's how they work

In each event, you get different results. Some of them are just items or coins, and some are options that can have good or bad endings. 

Pokémon Go Hub

For example, in event No. 3, you pick up a PokéBall and have to decide whether to open it. If you do not open it, you'll just get jump power. If you do open it, you'll either be met with something positive, like items or coins, or something negative, like a Voltorb exploding and you losing your Magikarp.

For the full list of events and each trigger, you should head over to Pokémon Go Hub's full list — and keep checking, not all of the events have been discovered yet.

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