Kathy Griffin-Donald Trump Controversy: Comedian holds president's severed head in gruesome photo


Remember when Kathy Griffin told Jesus to "suck it"? She may have stumbled upon another major controversy by appearing in photos where she's holding President Donald Trump's severed, bloody head.

In a gory photo shoot with celebrity photographer Tyler Shields — previously known for taking pictures of Lindsay Lohan with a gun in her mouth — Griffin grasps a few strands of Trump's famous comb over and solemnly lifts his detached, bloody head for the camera. TMZ first published the photos.

According to TMZ, Griffin joked with Shields that they should move to Mexico, for fear of being thrown in prison. Stay tuned to see if it comes down to that. Shields, for his part, doesn't seem too worried.

Snoop Dogg recently avoided jail time for a similar stunt in which he simulated assassinating the president in his "Lavender" music video. Trump's thin skin got the best of him in that case: He lashed out at Snoop Dogg's "failing career" with a blustery tweet.

Trump may have some choice words for Griffin, but only time will tell. For now, check out some behind the scenes footage from Griffin's shoot.