'Arms' Nintendo Switch Costume Guide: How to swap your character's outfit


As is fighting game tradition, Arms characters on the Nintendo Switch can change the color of their outfits. Not only do they let you tell two Min Mins apart, it's fun playing with an alternate color scheme. The problem is that it isn't very obvious how you can change your Arms character's color palette. The secret lies in the analog stick.

Arms tips and trick on Nintendo Switch: Changing the color of your character's costume


Players can change the outfit of any Arms character from the fighter selection screen before a match. 

Hover the cursor over any character, click the left analog stick in. While you're clicking the analog stick in, move to the left, right or downward. As you click in and push the stick in one of those three directions, hit the A button to confirm your choice. You should see an alternate color for your chosen Arms character.


The game is not as simple as a fighting title like Super Smash Bros. in how it lets you change a character's outfit. Unlike brawlers like Street Fighter, which require button combos in-game, Arms only requires extensive finger skills in its menus.

The proper button combination to change costumes in Arms takes a bit to master. Once you do, you'll be changing character outfits with ease. Cool clothes are never out of arms' reach.

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