When will Netflix have season 4 of 'The 100'?

Fans of The 100, the fourth season of the hit dystopian show is coming. 

Season four of The 100 arrives on Netflix on June 1. And there is even more good news for fans: The CW has renewed the show for a fifth season. 

In season four, the gang attempts to outlast the impending environmental crisis. Picking up after the events of Allie at the end of season three, season four sees them battle with their impending doom. 

Throughout the season, Clarke and Bellamy struggle with who lives and who dies as they are the ones who decide. At Comic-Con, the show's creator, Jason Rothenberg, revealed that season four was a big battle between the earth and everyone remaining. 

The Earth strikes back in season 4. it is an unbeatable foe. It quickly becomes about not how to stop it, because stopping it is not possible, but how do we survive? There aren’t enough lifeboats, so who gets to choose who lives?

Season four of The 100 arrives on Netflix June 1. 

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