How do you get your Snapchat score up? Here are some tips.


If your streak count is a popularity gauge on Snapchat, then your Snapchat score is what gives you street cred. Snapchat scores are a great indicator of how active a person is on their account — someone with high scores is more active and someone with a low score is less active.

What is a Snapchat score?

Every Snapchat account comes with a number that makes up the Snapchat score, the number of stories you've posted and a few other variables. The score is a "special equation" of all the snaps the account has received and sent, according to the platform's website, and other factors. Note that verified accounts will not have a Snapchat score publicly available unless the account follows you back.

How to check your Snapchat score

To check your Snapchat score, go to the main page in your app with your Snapcode. Here, under your name, will be your username. Next to that will be a number, which is your Snapscore.

How to get your Snapchat score up

Since one of the variable behind a Snapchat score is the sum of all snaps you send and receive, you can boost your score by sending more snaps. While you cannot control who snaps you back, you can definitely control whom you snap.

One easy way to increase your score is to share snaps you're going to share in your "Snap Story" with everyone on your list. Let's say you have 50 friends on Snapchat. For every snap you share publicly, you can increase your score by 50. Keep in mind you're kind of spamming your network and your contacts may not appreciate it.

Another method is to get on the Snapchat streak bandwagon. (This may or may not be weighed greater than regular Story snaps.) Starting streaks means you're sending and receiving a snap on a daily basis to maintain a streak. The more streaks you have, the higher your score.