Who is Beth Mackey in 'Bloodline'? Here's an explainer on the mysterious character.


Anyone who's been watching season three of Bloodline has probably wondered: "What's up with this Beth woman who's suddenly popping up all around the Rayburns?"

She hasn't been seen since way back in season one, when John met her in Miami in episode nine after she randomly called him to learn more about Danny's troubled past. During that same trip, John found out Danny was running a restaurant, Viva Caputa, that mysteriously burned down. Beth told John she bailed Danny out of jail after he got involved in selling drugs to some shady guys to keep the restaurant afloat — likely the same guys who set it on fire.

So, why does she continue to make cameo appearances in season three? Danny alludes to the answer in the series finale. John walks in on the ghost of Danny and, likely, the illusion of Beth drinking wine in the inn's dining room. Danny tells John that Beth's "part of the family" but doesn't explain how. In that same episode, however, it's implied she could be the product of Robert Rayburn's extramarital affair.

Rod Millington/Netflix

This would explain why she's tied to Nolan, Danny's son: They're both unwanted Rayburn kids.

Her soft spot for troublemakers goes deeper than the Rayburns, though. She also bailed out Ozzy, played by John Leguizamo, and later let him crash at her place while he recovered from being beaten by Roy's henchmen. She obviously knows what it's like to be on the outskirts of life, and therefore offers a hand when she can.

Much like Danny's ghost in season three, Beth's presence seems to serve as a reminder of past mistakes. It's not always clear whether she's really there or imagined, which makes her appearances all the more metaphorical.

Her preternatural existance lends an almost Shakespearean tone to Bloodline, which feels appropriate considering how epically tragic it gets — especially in this third and final season.

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