Millennial Voters in Election 2012: Students For Obama Actually No Longer For Obama


Much to the chagrin of the Obama campaign,  is not supporting Obama’s reelection efforts. Instead, the site greets visitors with a video message from a college student explaining why he supported Obama in 2008 but is opposing him in 2012. The site is now a project of the conservative group, Let Freedom Ring. issued this statement:

In the past four years, we have changed. We once supported President Obama. Obama made many good promises. Obama seemed non-partisan and willing to bring about change. He was charismatic. We were excited to see what would come of his administration. Sadly, Obama has failed us, instituting policies that have negatively affected us.

Because of this, Students For Obama has become Students No Longer For Obama. We have  awakened to the President's failures, and we feel that it is time for a change. It's time to allow someone else a chance in the Oval Office. Obama doesn't deserve four more years of reckless behavior.

In an exclusive interview, John Cassil, a student activist heavily involved with, stated, “Being on campus for the last four years, I’ve seen student orientation take a turn from liberal leaning to libertarian leaning, with political affiliations more closely mirroring that of the Republican Party.” A senior at Clemson University majoring in management, Cassil is troubled by the foreign policy stances of the Obama administration. As John noted, “our relationship with Israel has suffered greatly the last four years which is why I’ve become actively involved with the Young Jewish Conservatives and the Republican Jewish Coalition.”

John’s observations might not be unique to the Clemson University campus. Numerous video testimonials of students no longer supporting Obama appear on a related site.