Mario Fidget Spinner: Super Nintendo version justifies the existence of every fidget spinner so far


Mario and fidget spinner are probably not words you expected to see in the same sentence Yet, upon seeing this incredible fidget spinner in action, the whole craze suddenly seems completely reasonable.

Mario fidget spinner: How did we live without it?

The video comes to us from YouTube user A Pyro Design. The six second video is short and simple, yet shows us everything we need to see to feel complete and total envy. Hit play and see for yourself.

Yep, that's Mario running on a fidget spinner. Consider the game changed.

Unlike most other fidget spinners, the Super Mario fidget spinner appears to have one wing larger than the other two. It's tough to say for sure based on the video, but this may lead to the spinner's running effect. Either that or a mushroom under Pyro's thumb increased the wing's size.

A Pyro Design/YouTube

So there you have it, the Mario fidget spinner in all its glory, Now just give us one for Sonic.

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