'Overwatch' PTR Patch Notes: New assault map, Roadhog nerf, buffs for McCree and Reaper


Just a couple days after Blizzard teased a new Overwatch Horizon Lunar Colony map, it's officially a real thing — and you can test it out right now on the public test realm.  In addition to the brand-new assault map, which takes place on the moon, there are a number of significant nerfs and buffs to Roadhog, McCree and Reaper.

Here's the Cliff's Notes version of the biggest changes: Reaper will no longer collect orbs of health from eliminated enemies. Instead, he'll recover a small bit of health every time he damages an enemy, which should help him stay alive longer.

Roadhog's scrap gun does 33% less damage, but he can now fire much more quickly. Though this will decrease the lethality of his hook and shotgun combo, he'll still be able to duke it out with enemies firing normally.

Finally, McCree's ultimate now takes less time to lock onto enemies and its damage ramps up much more quickly. This change was made in response to complaints that it was easily avoidable because it took a long time to actually build up its strength.

Keep in mind Blizzard might tweak these changes if it finds a hero has been altered too drastically. That said, the full PTR patch notes are embedded below.

Overwatch PTR Patch notes


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