Donald Trump Obama Offer: Trump Extends Deadline, But With Hurricane Sandy, No One Cares


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Donald Trump has extended the deadline for his $5 million Halloween deal to President Obama; yet, the billionaire fails to grasp that Obama has more important things to deal with today. Once again, Trump is refusing to back down and salvage some of his political credibility.

What’s more, the Republicans’ are now calling Trump in to help the Romney campaign. Is this a wise move given the public ridicule and opposition Trump has faced in the past week alone? If Romney wants to stand a chance in next week’s election, it’s probably not the best idea.

Last Wednesday, Trump took to YouTube to offer a $5 million charitable donation to an organization of Obama's choice in return for Obama releasing his college records and passport application. The stunt has mostly backfired on Trump in the media, with many criticizing him for fuelling the so-called ‘Birther’ movement to a level of conspiracy, despite Obama giving in to demands last year and releasing his birth certificate.

As the Halloween deadline approached and there was no sign Obama was going to take the offer, Trump Tweeted: "President has until tomorrow at 12 noon to pick up $5M for his favorite charity. Looking like he won’t be doing it. What’s he hiding?"

It’s a wonder whether Trump has really grasped the impact that Hurricane Sandy is having in America, and that Obama is doing his job as president to control the situation. Obama will not be considering the trivial issue of his school records at this time, but instead the lives that have been lost to the storm, the homes that have been destroyed, and the scores of people that are still without power, shelter, or resources.

To add insult to injury, Trump tweeted just hours later: "President Obama, if it’s important to you, I will substantially increase the $5M offer!" as though this is why he’s not got a response! This statement only adds to Trump’s reputation as a ‘lousy philanthropist,’ especially given the sums that will be required to rebuild many ordinary Americans’ livelihoods once Hurricane Sandy has passed.

The Republicans’ don’t seem blinded by Trump’s odd political behavior, however, and on Wednesday it was reported that they have decided to call him in to campaign for Romney. Sources close to the Romney campaign have confirmed that Trump will be making robo-calls to be used in some key swing states such as Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, and North Carolina to help boost voter turnout. There is also the possibility that Trump will make some public appearances in the final week before the election in support of Romney.

After Trump’s deal and the public ridicule that came with it, are the Republican’s making a last-ditch effort through desperation, or is this a sign that there is little to lose in the five remaining days and the Republicans’ will take any help that is offered to them, however damaging?

While a number of people agree with Trump and support his offer to Obama, too much political controversy has surrounded the billionaire in the past week alone, which should have been a red flag to the Romney campaign. Placing Trump in the swing states may only serve to antagonize undecided voters, and encourage them to support Obama’s efforts to deal with a crisis rather than play political games with Trump.

Romney should step carefully where Trump is concerned if he wants to stand a chance next Tuesday.