homepage trolls Trump as he pulls out of Paris climate accord


The forecast? Cloudy with a chance of shade.

Within moments of President Donald Trump's announcement that the United States would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, the usually apolitical weather service site clapped back at the president through their top stories homepage module.

Underneath a large image announcing Trump's decision, the next few headlines spell out a message about the ongoing worldwide effects of climate change.

"So, what happens to Earth now?" the first headline reads. "Still don't care? Proof you should ... and more proof ... and even more proof ... or the imminent collapse of a key ice shelf ... or Antarctica turning green ... or California's coast disappearing into the sea ..." the rest of the headlines read when strung together.

Several people on Twitter noticed that the weather forecasting site had suddenly become troller-in-chief.

In pulling out of the Paris climate agreement, the United States joins only two other nations — Syria and Nicaragua — who have passed on the agreement. According to the Washington Post, Syria didn't sign because of its ongoing civil war, while Nicaragua chose not to sign because the Paris agreement was reportedly not strict enough for its taste.