'Pokémon Go' Egg Changes Chart: Update alters hatch rate groups for Pokémon after recent event


Eggs in Pokémon Go continue to surprise, it seems. Back in March, players managed to figure out the likelihood of every Pokémon hatching from an egg as you walked, and the Eggstravaganza event back in April changed the hatch rates for 2km eggs, giving players a greater chance to hatch unusual Pokémon from them.

In the wake of the Worldwide Bloom, it seems like Niantic may have changed the Pokémon Go egg spawn rates again, actually phasing out six more Pokémon from spawning. If you're wondering what's changed, read on below.

Pokémon Go egg changes chart: Tentacool, Natu and Sandshrew no longer spawning from eggs, according to study

According to the Silph Road research site, six more species have been phased out of eggs entirely, and have been absent from the egg groups starting with the Worldwide Bloom on May 5. The following species have not shown up in any of the 3,081 eggs Silph Road users reported hatching post-Bloom:

The Silph Road

Most users will probably breathe a sigh of relief that the ultra-common Natu is no longer hatching from eggs, but it's always a shame to see a Pokémon who's evolution you might not have — like Sandshrew — being phased out.

Pokémon Go egg changes chart: Updates to 5km and 10km rarity group tiers

Although the new rarity tiers might seem like a big deal, according to the Silph Road, not all that much has changed: Dratini and Pineco have migrated from being common hatches in 10km eggs, and Scyther's spawn rate, which had previously fluctuated between the uncommon and rare tiers, has now been solidified as a rare spawn.

The updated rarity tiers for all three egg groups are as follows:

The Silph Road

Phanpy's inclusion in the common tier is probably the most exciting part of it, since that means you might have easier access to its evolved form Donphan with less effort. Additionally, given that both sexes of Nidorans take 125 candy to evolve to their final forms, it's for the best that they're still relatively easy to get.

The Silph Road

Dratini's change to uncommon probably won't affect players who already have a perfect IV Dragonite, and much more exciting is that Larvitar, which you can turn into the ferocious Dark/Rock type Tyranitar, is also only an uncommon spawn in this egg group.

The Silph Road

Electric sheep and probable Philip K. Dick reference Mareep is really the only rare Pokémon you should be hoping to hatch, unless you didn't catch a Sudowoodo during the Adventure Week event or you're still missing a bug type like Scyther or Pinsir.

The Silph Road

Lapras and Snorlax continue to sit at the top of the rarity chart, including — confusingly — Team Rocket mainstay Wobbuffet and Gen 2 runoff like Misdreavus and Sneasel, who are unlikely to be of much use until their evolutions get introduced in a Gen 4 update.

Pokémon Go egg changes chart: A new ultra-ultra-rare group?

Although the Silph Road didn't separate these Pokémon from the ultra-rare tier, their research seemed to suggest that four Pokémon – Shuckle, Wobbuffet, Dunsparce and Girafarig — actually belong to a separate category since they have half the spawn chance of any other ultra-rare spawn. This category, ultra-ultra-rare, remains debatable because it may be incomplete or contain erroneous entries, but the four Pokémon reported seem to be the most likely candidates.

That said, the Silph Road seemed certain that removing the six Pokémon and changing Dratini's spawn rates were good news, and we're inclined to believe them, even if we still don't have a Sandslash.

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