'Tekken 7' Storyline Spoilers: Everything we know about the plot and cutscenes


Tekken 7 is the latest entry in Bandai Namco's long-lived fighting series. It has 36 characters in its roster and a robust story mode of its own.

Now if understanding 36 characters with 36 endings seems like a lot of work, or you're without a gaming PC or PlayStation 4, thankfully you can get your fill of spoilers for Tekken 7's bananas plot below.

Tekken 7 story spoilers: Cutscenes galore

Tekken 7 promised to resolve the Mishima Zaibatsu storyline. This fight between three generations of Mishima men — outrageously coiffed Heihachi, his son Kazuya and Kazuya's illegitimate son Jin Kazama — for control of Mishima Zaibatsu has been the background of the series since its inception. This giant corporation also, inexplicably, has its own elite task force called the Tekken Force. One of Heihachi's illegitimate sons, Lars Alexandersson, is an officer of said Tekken Force.

If you want the full storyline for Tekken 7, YouTube user DrewTony'Z has put up the entire thing:

It's just under an hour and 20 minutes to watch the whole thing though, so strap in if you want the full picture of what exactly is going on.

If you're confident you've got the broad strokes of the story down — and don't want to sit through too much of the narrator's wooden acting — you can cut right to the chase with the ending, uploaded by MKIceAndFire. It shows the climactic battle between Kazuya and Heihachi, at a volcano, and includes no shortage of anime-style transformations:

If it's not enough to see how power players like Lars, Jin Kazama and Street Fighter's Akuma fit into the picture, or you're just curious to see how beloved Jaguar-masked wrestler King and chimney-haired brawler Paul Phoenix end up, MKIceAndFire also has a compilation video showcasing all the character endings, which still comes in at around 40 minutes:

No one said parsing the plot of a 23-year-old fighting game series was going to be easy. So even if you're not planning on playing Tekken 7 and you want the full picture of what's going on, you're going to have to work for it.

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