EA 'Battlefield 1' Servers down: Here's where to check if you're experiencing a crash


Nothing's worse than when EA's Battlefield 1 servers are down when you're trying to play your favorite shooter. If you're having problems with your connection to Battlefield 1 here are some places you can check to see what's going on.

Here's where you can get more info if EA servers are crashing

The most popular place to check is Downdetector, a site where other players will post on the status of connection for specific games. EA has their own page which lists all of their games and how the servers are doing in general.

Also, EA has a customer service Twitter page that will tweet whenever something is down and provide updates on the situation.

They also seem to be good at accepting direct messages and interacting with their customers directly. If you're having a specific issue that doesn't seem to be impacting other players, it would be best to send them a direct message.

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