London Bridge Attack Victims: Here's what we know.


In the wake of a deadly terror attack that took place on London Bridge Saturday night, more details about the victims have begun to emerge.

Although the names of the suspects have yet to be released, U.K. police have detained 11 people in connection to the deadly rampage, during which three men driving vans and armed with knives killed seven people and injured 48 others.

Victims who died

Matt Dunham/AP

Chrissy Archibald, a 30-year-old Canadian woman, had been walking the bridge with her fiancé, Tyler Ferguson, when the attackers struck.

In a Facebook post, a man claiming to be Ferguson's brother wrote that first responders "tried everything but weren't able to save her."

Sources referred to as Ferguson's siblings told Canadian CBC News that Archibald "died in her fiancé's arms."

"I am heartbroken that a Canadian is among those killed," Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement, according to BBC.

Victims who were wounded

Alastair Grant/AP

Two Australian tourists

The mother of one of the Australian victims, Candice Hedge, told CNN that she had spoken to her daughter in the hospital via Skype and had seen her give the thumbs up.

"Thank God no major artery was cut. It could have been much worse," she said.

Geoff Ho

The business editor of British newspaper the Sunday Express, Ho was stabbed in the neck after he "selflessly intervened as the knife-wielding terrorists attacked a bouncer in the doorway of the Southwark Tavern, in Southwark Street," the Express reported.

Daniel O'Neill

The 23-year-old's mother told CNN that two police officers and a friend had helped to create a makeshift tourniquet for O'Neill to stanch his bleeding.

He remained hospitalized on Monday morning.

Marine Vincent

Vincent, a French pharmaceutical doctor, is in the hospital and stable "for the moment," a colleague told CNN.

Newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron said that, said that "[i]n the face of this new tragedy, France is more than ever at Britain's side," according to the BBC.

"My thoughts go out to the victims and their loved ones," he said, adding that France "will continue to fight terrorism with all its powers, alongside the United Kingdom and all affected countries."

Police officers

At least one British Transport officer and at least three Metropolitan Police officers — two who were on-duty and one who was off — were injured during Saturday's attack, CNN reported.