Amazon E3 Sale: Check out the best gaming deals online right now


E3 is one of the best and worst times of year for a gaming fan. It can either be fun — like 2016, if you were into Zelda — or it can be extremely disappointing.

One way to ensure you have a good time during E3 is to fill up your peripheral and accessory wish list, and then put it directly into your shopping cart. Nothing can turn a bad week around like some good retail therapy. Luckily, it seems Amazon agrees.


Amazon E3 Sale: Best gaming accessories you can buy at a discount

From now until June 17, Amazon has 20% off select gaming items. This includes things like gaming  mice, keyboards and headsets. 

Amazon also has more technical items like Wi-Fi extenders or routers. Just follow these steps to get your 20% discount:

Add one qualifying product to your shopping cart via the "Add to Shopping Cart" button on the product information page.Add the promotion code "20OFFE3" at checkout.

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