'Skyrim’ Embershard Mine Location: Where to find the elusive mine in Whiterun


Skyrim is a large game — even after all these years, it's still the game that other open world games are compared to. It's no surprise then that people are still looking for specific things in the game that they can't find.

One of those things is the Embershard Mine, a possible location for several quests.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Embershard Mine: Fast travel to Helgen first

The Embershard Mine is located in the Falkreath Hold, but is most easily accessed from Riverwood, a small village on the bottom of Whiterun. This interactive map will help you trace it out.


Luckily, Embershard is also pretty much right next to where you start the game in Helgen, so it should be pretty accessible. Simply fast travel to Helgen and walk northwest until you reach the mine.

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