'Pokkén Tournament DX' release date will hit Nintendo Switch on Sept. 22


Pokkén Tournament DX is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game will feature multiplayer using split Joy-Con and an expanded character roster, now including Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk and Decidueye. The new Pokémon will add to Pokkén's 16 previous fighters, which included Pikachu and Charizard.

Pokkén Tournament DX: How will it differ from the Wii U version?

As with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the biggest difference for Pokkén will be mobility. Instead of needing to play in front of a television, the game can be taken with you wherever you go. As shown in the Pokkén Tournament DX's trailer, this may lead to numerous roadside battles.

Pokémon Direct/Youtube

The appearance of Pokkén Tournament on the Switch means the game gets an added control scheme that players will have to master: the Joy-Con. It's unseen if the Nintendo Switch's upcoming arcade controller stick will support the Tekken-style fighting game.

The game will also include 3-on-3 battles, online ranked matches and friendly matches.

Pokkén Tournament DX: An invitational tournament will come to E3 2017

Nintendo also announced an invitation tournament for Pokémon Tournament DX, taking place this month at E3 ahead of the game's official release. Joining Nintendo's E3 plans of a Splatoon 2 and Arms invitational tournaments, the Pokkén Tournament DX invitational will take place on June 14 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern.

Demos of the new Pokkén Tournament will be playable at E3.


Pokkén Tournament will release for Nintendo Switch on Sept. 22.

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