'Tekken 7' Kazuma Kiryu: 'Yakuza' protagonist is the most requested DLC character


Tekken 7 is out, but that doesn't mean they're done adding new characters. Discussion is already underway about a potential new guest character to the series.

Back in April, game director Katsuhiro Harada tweeted and asked people for their suggestions.

Tekken 7 Kiryu: Yakuza protagonist is the most wanted new character for a Tekken 7 DLC

According to this post on TekkenGamer, it seems that Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series has the biggest support. This could be an interesting crossover for the Tekken and Yakuza franchises.

Bandai Namco and Sega have merged on other games like Super Smash Bros 4 with Pac-man and Sonic, so anything is possible. And compared to some of the other suggestions, like Goku or Chun-Li from Street Fighter, this suggestion seems to be the most possible.

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