'Pokkén Tournament DX' roster: Only one new Pokémon will make its debut in the Nintendo Switch port


Although the big news on the Pokémon front is no doubt that of the re-release of Sun and Moon on 3DS late this fall, there's another property fans of the series should keep their eye on — the fighting game Pokkén Tournament DX, a deluxe version of the Wii U game of the same name with an upgraded roster.

If you're curious as to what fighters you can expect to play as in Pokkén Tournament DX we've got the details below.

Pokkén Tournament DX roster: Decidueye is the only "new" fighter

According to Gematsu, the only new Pokémon available to play as in Pokkén Tournament DX is Decidueye, the final form of Sun and Moon's grass-type starter. However, word from the Pokémon Company also promises that all fighters from the game's Wii U and Arcade releases will be available to play as well.

The game's official trailer also briefly shows what we would assume to be the whole roster, meaning you can already see who's new and who's returning.

The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel/YouTube

From this image, we can assume these are going to be your 21 contenders in Pokkén Tournament DX. Here's a breakdown of the roster pictured above,

Top row (left to right): Darkrai, Blaziken, Pikachu, Lucario, Gardevoir, Pikachu Libre, Scizor

Middle row (left to right): Croagunk, Sceptile, Gengar, Decidueye, Machamp, Braixen, Empoleon

Bottom row (left to right): Mewtwo, Chandelure, Suicune, Weavile, Charizard, Garchomp, Shadow Mewtwo

With 21 fighters on the field, chances are good that even seasoned veterans of the Pokkén scene will have some new Pokémon to try out. Pokkén Tournament DX will be out Sept. 22 for the Nintendo Switch in America.

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