‘ESO Morrowind’ Warden Class Build: Should the expansion’s new class go for DPS or magicka?


The first expansion for the Elder Scrolls Online is taking adventurers of Nirn back to Vvardenfell, the setting of Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. In addition to a new take on a fan-favorite landmass, ESO's Morrowind expansion adds the game's first new class: the nature-themed Warden.

If you're curious about the Warden's abilities and builds, read on, because we've got more information than Vvardenfell has Silt Striders.

ESO Warden class/build: The Warden is perfect for anyone who wants a support role with a lot of options

According to the official Elder Scrolls Online site, the Warden was designed to be a nature-themed class that inhabited a niche not yet explored by the game's four other classes. In keeping with this, the Warden has many nature-themed abilities, such as using magic ice to protect themselves and their allies, summoning plants that can heal and even enlisting the help of a war bear to lay a most righteous smackdown on the enemies you'll encounter on Vvardenfell and beyond.

Elder Scrolls Online

The emphasis for the Warden is on teamwork, so regardless of what path you choose for your character — Animal Companions for damage, Green Balance for healers or Winter's Embrace for weathering damage — you'll be able to assist your allies in battle with buffs and healing. The developers have said that the Warden's play style can be as simple or complex as you choose to make it, with the ability to morph your skills into more powerful forms that require precise positioning to use effectively.

Although the expansion has only been live for one day, the Warden has been in closed beta for some time, so if you're trying to plan out a build, Deltia's Gaming has you covered. Right now the site has suggestions for a tanking and healing build, as well as two different DPS builds focused around stamina and magic. Hopefully these builds will remain steady throughout the opening weeks of the expansion's release, but they might be rebalanced as well, so bear that in mind.

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