Undecided Voters Exist: I Am One of Them


When the presidential election came around in 2008, I was so excited to take part and be a part of history. It was the first time my vote would count for something. But since I cast my ballot in 2008, one conversation has followed me since. I remember chatting with 20-something’s at the time who said, “who cares?” when asked about who they planned to vote for. While that really irked me before, oddly enough, I share the same sentiments now. Is not that I don’t know what the issues are, or that my vote counts for very little, it’s more about how I am not really impressed by either candidate.

Before I get 1000 daggers thrown at me, let me make my case. I try to be moderate in my views, but of late have found myself siding a lot with liberals. I give credit to the Obama administration for tackling a lot of issues in a small amount of time, but none of those issues have been fully resolved. We have a timeline for our troops to come home from Afghanistan, we have taken down a bunch of bad guys overseas, and we have an economic plan that shows glimmers of hope.

But have you considered that issues that directly affect millennials like myself are being ignored? Student loans are like signing a pact with the devil, and there seems to be no hope in the job market for newcomers or graduates. Even if I ignore the issues affecting our demographic, it seems like the Obama administration has its hands in too many issues and has managed to resolve none.

If we take a look at the other side of the spectrum, Mitt Romney has not convinced me either that he has a better plan of action for the next four years. For starters, its hard to take Romney and Ryan seriously after the media has butchered their platform and deduced it to an attack on Big Bird and Ryan flexing at the gym. I know it adds to the fun of politics, but seriously what good will those gaffes serve when I consider who I want to lead the our nation?

Romney has held up strong against Obama in the debates and has shown us that he means business. He even proved that he has a plan for foreign policy at the last presidential debate. My problem with Romney is that he needs to check his facts. Even his VP candidate has managed to get the nickname #LyinRyan.

There are a lot of issues I could touch upon with either candidate, and maybe I am over thinking both candidates’ platforms. When it comes down to it, neither has managed to convince me why I should choose one over the other. The presidential debates were supposed to help me break the tie, but sadly, they left me wondering who was better at mudslinging.

With less than a week left before we go to the polls, I have the choice to either choose the lesser of two evils or not vote at all.  I do care and we have an opportunity to make our thoughts and opinions matter — I just hope I can cast a vote that isn’t clouded by media frenzy and is better for our nation in the long run.