Security guard charged for making threats to Miami-Dade mosque. He said he wanted to kill Muslims.


Federal prosecutors said on Wednesday that a security guard was charged with making menacing threats to a mosque in the Miami-Dade area in Florida.

According to the Miami Herald, 35-year-old Gerald Sloan Wallace has made repeated attempts to taunt mosques in South Florida with vitriol via telephone before leaving behind a threatening voicemail to the Masjid Mosque in Miami Gardens on Feb. 19. The Masjid Mosque is also known as the Muslim Communities Association of South Florida.

"I hate you Muslims, you Muslims are terrible," Wallace's recorded voicemails said. "I hate you people. I'm going down to your center. I'm going to shoot all ya'll."

"I hate your Allah," Wallace also said in the voicemail. "I hate your Quran. I hate everything about Islam."

Federal prosecutors will argue that Wallace is a "serious danger" to society and ask a magistrate judge to have Wallace detained after his arraignment, Miami-Herald reported.

FBI agents and Miami Gardens police arrested Wallace in late February and was then held on state threat charges. During questioning with law enforcement, Wallace said he had an "absolute hatred" against Muslims — particularly, Muslims in the United States — ever since the Sept. 11 attacks.

Wallace, who threatened to shoot down the mosque, has a concealed carry permit through his employment as a security guard for a Miami grocery store. In addition to Masjid Mosque, Wallace reportedly told investigators he had attempted to make menacing phone calls to other mosques in the Miami-Dade and Broward county areas.

According to a court motion that was filed on Wednesday, Wallace has thought about killing Muslims at some of the mosques in South Florida.

"Wallace said that he calls and emails these mosques because he hates Muslims and thought about killing them," the court motion stated. "He believes that all Muslims must leave the United States, whether voluntarily or by force."

Wallace was indicted in May. Assistant U.S. Attorney Harry Wallace has charged him with "threatening to injure members of the Miami Gardens Mosque." He could face up to five years in prison, if convicted.

There have been 43 reported anti-mosque attacks in the U.S. since the beginning of 2017, according to the Council of American-Islamic Relations. Wallace's indictment also comes on the heels of the Portland stabbing attack where noted white nationalist Jeremy Joseph Christian fatally stabbed two men after initially attacking a female Muslim teenager and her friend.