'Super Meat Boy Forever' Nintendo Switch Release Date: Developer hints at a possible launch


Remember Super Meat Boy? It was a fast, frantic, tough-as-hell platformer with incredibly tight controls in which you played as a boy with no skin. It was bizarre, but it became a classic after its 2010 release. Now it could be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Super Meat Boy never got a proper sequel, but its endless runner-ish spin-off Super Meat Boy Forever is on the way. According to a not-so-vague tweet from the developers, it sounds like it's coming to a Nintendo console near you.

Super Meat Boy Forever Nintendo Switch release teased by Team Meat

Read this tweet from developer Team Meat and tell me if you think the game is coming to Switch or not:

While it obviously isn't a full confirmation, it's most of the way there, right? That's surely exciting news for those of you who want more fun indie games to play on your Switch.

This is mildly interesting in the sense that, according to creator Edmund McMillen, Super Meat Boy Forever was created with phones and tablets in mind. It sounds like a Super Meat Boy version of Super Mario Run, in that it uses simple touch-based controls to facilitate a precise platformer on mobile devices. Like Mario's mobile adventure, it's not an endless runner because it has authored levels with defined endpoints. That said, it apparently does have an endless mode.

It would be neat if you could play Super Meat Boy Forever with the Switch's touch screen in handheld mode. If you want to see the game in action, check out this demo below.

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