In bizarre moment, Trump throws binders full of paper on the floor during infrastructure speech


In an apparent attempt to demonstrate the burden of environmental regulations, President Donald Trump staged a strange moment during a speech, flipping through thick binders of environmental reports before throwing them on the floor.

The moment came during his speech on infrastructure Friday morning at the Department of Transportation, in which he called for speeding up projects to fix the country’s aging roads, rails and bridges.

Trump called the environmental report "nonsense," saying they were not only expensive to make but slowed economic growth down. "These binders on the stage could be replaced by just a few simple rules," Trump said.

Trump's speech was part of what his administration dubbed "Infrastructure Week" — an attempt to change the political conversation to a campaign promise Trump made to fix the country's crumbling infrastructure.

But Infrastructure Week was largely overshadowed by the Russia investigation and former FBI Director James Comey's testimony on Thursday, when Comey called Trump a liar.