Latest Presidential Polls: Obama Leads Romney By 77 Points in a Global Poll of World Voters


The World Could Vote is a website that measures global opinion based on user-generated voting patterns that are then processed and presented in graphical form. Several interesting details come out: Mitt Romney has support outside of Pakistan, and if the world were rational, Ron Paul would be the GOP candidate (granted, I’m still in love with Paul’s foreign policy).

The site’s poll for the current election opened in the middle of August, and so far, 4,234 people from 102 countries have voted. President Obama collects 3,757 votes, or 88.73% and Romney 477 votes, or 11,27%.

Beneath the pie chart with these results, there is a map of the world showing where everybody voted from and where the country leans. This is where it gets interesting. If, for example, 50 people voted solely from Tokyo, it does not give a fair representation of how Japan as a whole feels about the elections, but the lack of information about the particular locales of the voters means that we can’t provide a more accurate analysis. Still, there is a chart available with how many people from each country voted. Those represented by a single vote are obviously a statistical quagmire, but it’s the best we’ve got to go on in this case.

On to the results: both Americas, Western Europe, China, Mongolia, India, Australia and the parts of Africa that aren’t left blank for ‘no information available,’ are siding with Obama. This is where it gets interesting: half of Saudis, 40% of Russians, 100% of Omanis, 40% of Poles, 25% of Ukrainians, 25% of Hungarians, 20% of Filipinos, and of all back-bencher countries — 33% of Serbians — would vote for Mittens. The odd man out is Tanzania: 15% of the locals would vote Romney. Overall, if you’re a pro-monarchy oil magnate, who is anti-Russian, totalitarian, oligarchic, wanna-be nationalist, an immigrant, a chauvinist and stick out at parties for being cool, but useless, you are the typical Romney voter. Oh, and in the United States, Mittens garners 18% of the vote.

The yet bigger shock: if we assume that each of the two votes out of Iran represents 37 million Persians, then Iran is wholly pro-Romney.

What the what? Exactly my thought as well. It isn’t a scientific poll, but it does shine some curious light on how the world feels about the elections.

In continuation of my previous article, it seems on the aggregate, the world just wants another fix of the president. Expect the foreign perspective on the elections to continue.