Bernie Sanders: British Labour Party won by "standing up to the ruling class"


In a rally before thousands of supporters in Chicago's McCormick Place convention center, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) opined on the United Kingdom's recent historic election.

"Just the other day in the U.K., against all of the predictions, the Labour Party there won 30 new seats," Sanders told the crowd. "They won those seats not by moving to the right. Not by becoming more conciliatory. They won those seats by standing up to the ruling class of the U.K."

Sanders was in Chicago to address the People's Summit, an annual gathering of progressive activists, politicians and celebrities.

Daniel Leal-Olivas/Getty Images

"The movement for economic, social, racial and environmental justice is not just growing here in the U.S. — it is growing worldwide," Sanders said to raucous cheers.

On Thursday, voters across the U.K. voted in an election widely interpreted as a rejection of prime minister Theresa May and her Conservative Party. May's conservatives, who chose to hold an election only two years after winning a decisive victory in 2015, lost their majority in Parliament, maintaining control of the government only after striking a deal with another minority party.

"All of us congratulate Jeremy Corbyn and his team for what they have accomplished," Sanders said.