'Anthem' Game Bioware E3 2017: Release details and gameplay trailer revealed by Microsoft


Bioware revealed more details about Anthem, an upcoming game previously revealed at EA Play 2017, during Microsoft's E3 press conference. Here's what we learned.

Anthem is an open-world sci-fi game where you play as a Freelancer — special explorers who leave the safety of their walled city to explore the world outside. You put on an exosuit called a Javelin and head out into the wilderness with your friends in co-op adventures.

It's set in a gorgeous, lush jungle world that you can fly through using your Javelin's jetpack. Your Javelin can be customized for different playstyles, whether you want to move quickly or be a bruising tank character. The combat looks to be gun-based like Mass Effect.

Aside from flight, you can also zoom through underwater environments. The demo showed some basic combat as well as collecting resources from a treasure chest. With RPG elements and sci-fi gunplay as well as co-op mayhem, it looks like BioWare's answer to Destiny. However, it looks like you can have four players in a squad instead of three.

Anthem is coming in 2018. It will, of course, be enhanced by Xbox One X.

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