'Twin Peaks' waited 27 years to reveal the identity of Diane. Here's what we know about her.


When Laura Dern signed onto Twin Peaks: The Return, rumors began to spread that she'd assume the role of the mysterious Diane — Agent Dale Cooper's secretary from the original series who's never been seen. Now, after episode six of the revival, those rumors have been proven true.

To say fans were excited by this revelation is a bit of an understatement.

Director and creator David Lynch seems to be a big fan of Dern. They've worked together on a number of projects, so the likelihood that she'd be heavily featured in the revival was good. She's also worked with Kyle MacLachlan, the star of the original Twin Peaks, on a couple of films including the famous Lynchian masterpiece Blue Velvet.

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Who is Diane in Twin Peaks?

Although we never see Diane in the first two seasons of Twin Peaks, she has a palpable presence. It's felt in the very first episode in which Agent Cooper is recording a message for her on a cassette tape on his drive up to Twin Peaks. As with so many nuances on the show, this becomes a recurring activity, and a staple of their relationship. Even though Cooper always kept it professional, he confided everything to her, which suggested a level of unique intimacy. Suffice to say fans were eager to put a face to a name.


The return of Diane in the Twin Peaks revival

So what's Diane up to now that she has a face and body, and hasn't been Cooper's secretary for over 25 years? Unfortunately it's hard to say, because she was only on camera for a matter of moments in episode six, and only uttered a greeting to Agent Albert, who finds her. That said, considering this is a Lynchian world in which gestures can matter just as much as words, here's what can be deduced from her brief introduction.

Agent Albert Rosenfield, played by Miguel Ferrer, was specifically sent to find Diane on a cold, rainy night. Albert says he, "“knows where she drinks,” which ends up being Max Von's bar. Obviously FBI Deputy Gordon Cole believes she could offer some insight into where Agent Cooper's been all these years, and who the doppelgänger they have in custody might be.


One thing's for sure: Diane is a stylish lady. She wears a perfectly cut platinum blonde bob, a fancy cocktail dress, and she's drinking a martini — the classiest of drinks. Lynch spends a good while on her dramatic turn around, for obvious reasons, but after acknowledging Albert, the scene ends abruptly.

Based on the teased scenario, it's likely Diane will be making more appearances to help the FBI find the real Agent Cooper, but Lynch wouldn't be Lynch if he gave anything substantial away on her first appearance. And considering how some storylines aren't continued each week, it may be a little while before any more information is revealed.

Nevertheless, Diane's presence is a reassuring one, especially now that she's a fully formed human with a last name: Evans.

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