Latest Presidential Polls: Though Romney Leads Among Seniors, Obama Has the Advantage in This Key Indicator


The millennial vote is an important part of this election, but so is the vote from the senior citizens and elderly. There are a good number of the elderly who are already registered to vote, many who have already voted in fact. However, it is important to not ignore this demographic (many of whom are still undecided).

As this US News article points out, senior citizens are more likely than millennials to get themselves out to the polls mostly because they have been around a while meaning that they are familiar with their community and willing to vote for the good of the area they live in. 

Millennials are not always in one place, which can cause problems when listing one’s place of residence. For those in college, it can be difficult task with some traveling back home just so they can vote. It does not help that in some states, voter ID laws that hold back young voters at the polls have been put in place. In states such as Pennsylvania, ID laws are also holding back senior citizens who wish to vote. These laws do not help those who want to vote (it should be noted that the group that tries to vote will vote, regardless of setbacks).

Senior citizens are more likely than people of other demographics to show up at the polls. Those who are the oldest not only have been voting for years, but also hold a wealth of information regarding benefits and options. Health care is important to senior citizens, not only because of their age but because a large portion of them are retired. Romney and Obama have been trying to sway senior citizens, especially those who are 50 and over that is the qualifying age for an AARP membership. 

The battle for Medicare has been seen throughout this election season by both parties and can heavily influence a voter on their decision. Neither candidate has ignored the senior citizens, but it seems as though there are still many that are not sure whom to support. When it comes to understanding health care needs, as well as veteran options it is important that everything is brought to the table. A UPI Poll seemed to indicate that people 65 and older lean towards Romney, while people 100 and older would lean towards Obama.

The senior citizen that is undecided needs to make a decision now. Whenever health care is brought up, Medicare and Medicaid is not far behind which only proves that senior citizens are not forgotten in this election. Yes, the millennial vote is important but so is the senior vote as this demographic makes up a large portion of voters.