This forgotten 'Game of Thrones' character is back in season 7 and we've got some theories


With the premiere of Game of Thrones season seven just a little over one month away, new trailers, photos and hints are being divulged more and more often.

On Sunday, several new production stills were released by HBO's international distributors. While they're each exciting in their own way, one in particular suggests the return of a rather unusual character: Beric Dondarrion.


He first appeared in season three as one of several men Ned Stark sent to the Riverlands to restore peace. Beric's mission was to kill the Mountain, but unfortunately the Mountain kills him first. That, however, was not the end of Beric's story. Moments later, he's resurrected by Thoros of Myr — a worshipper of the Lord of Light just like Melisandre.

This, of course, turned Beric into a Lord of Light believer, and he establishes the Brotherhood Without Banners, who are dedicated to helping bring down the Lannisters.

When Arya and the Hound meet Beric and the Brotherhood they learn he's actually died six times. And even though he comes back every time, he's not exactly the same — physically or mentally. Not only does he return with scars from the "fatal" wounds he's endured, he seems to be missing small pieces of his internal self as well. So it seems immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be.


He's seen once more in season six, episode eight, when he runs into the Hound again and tries to recruit him to fight the White Walkers in the north. Beric may seem a little off, but he's one of the few characters who truly sees the threat hundreds of thousands of icy, undead soldiers pose on Westeros.

How Beric could factor into season seven

His mission is to protect the little guy against enemies, and the biggest enemy facing, well, everyone right now is the White Walkers. So chances are he'll be heading north to lend a hand. And he may not be doing it alone.

Based on the photos from season seven that were released back in April, the Hound is back in a wintery setting, similar to the one Beric appears to be in above.

Helen Sloan/HBO

Last we saw of the Hound, he was seeking revenge for Septon Ray, who saved his life after his epic battle with Brienne, who threw him off a cliff, and Arya leaves him for dead rather than putting him out of his misery. Ironically, Ray's killers were rogue members of the Brothers Without Banners, but Beric appears, and helps the Hound take his revenge on them.

Another theory that's been thrown around is Beric and the Hound may also attempt to take down the Hound's undead, now mutant brother, the Mountain. If the Hound helps Beric complete his original mission from way back in season three, it will certainly make for a particularly poetic character offing.

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