E3 2017 Ubisoft 'Far Cry 5': Gameplay trailer and new details revealed


Far Cry 5 got some fresh info at Ubisoft's E3 2017 conference. Not only did we see a new, creepy thematic trailer, but we also got a taste of actual gameplay as well.

Check out the first of the new trailers below, in which the game's villain, Father Joseph Seed, sings a chilling rendition of "Amazing Grace" while brandishing a giant assault rifle.

After the above teaser, Ubisoft showed a lengthy gameplay trailer that revealed a number of non-playable characters who will help you throughout the story.

For example, one part showed the player directing a character named Grace Armstrong to the top of a water tower to pick off enemies from afar. It also showed Boomer, a cute gray-and-black dog, attacking enemies and retrieving weapons from their fallen bodies.

Since Far Cry 5 has quite politically charged themes, it'll be interesting to see how Ubisoft balances that with the high-octane gameplay the series is known for — if it does so at all.

Far Cry 5 will be available Feb. 27, so we'll have more coverage as we learn additional details in the months to come.

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