Xbox One X specs and features: 5 ways the new technology can improve sports video games


The Xbox One X was announced during Microsoft's E3 presentation. The upgraded home console releases on Nov. 7, and it will retail for $499, offering improved specs and a sleek new design.

The news quickly got me thinking about what the Xbox One X means for sports video game fans, especially with so many new and impressive titles on the horizon. Here are five ways the console will improve sports games when it launches later this year.

Xbox One X specs and features: Improved visuals

This is the thing that gets everyone going. 

Not everyone understands what a six-teraflop graphics-processing unit can do for visuals, but one look at the Forza Motorsport 7 trailer below and you will get a hint of what the Xbox One X is capable of producing when it comes to eye candy.

That looks spectacular, but it's a car. What about human beings, or should we say, player models for sports gamers?

Look at this image of the Dallas Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott, per Steve Noah of Operation Sports from Madden 18 in 4K on the Xbox One X. Noah calls it Scorpio, but he tweeted this before the official name of the system was revealed.

The thought of seeing our favorite sports games with this much clarity is exciting. What's even more exciting is thinking about the sports games that have yet to be created with this tech.

Boxing, tennis, college sports and Olympic titles are still yet to come –hopefully.

Xbox One X specs and features: Decreased load times

Everyone hates long load times. It's something gamers deal with reluctantly. The Xbox One X's 12 GB GDDR5 memory will deliver much faster load times.

That will get us on the virtual field or court faster. In this age of short attention spans, what could be better?

Xbox One X specs and features: Larger storage

The Xbox One X includes an internal 1 TB hard drive. It's not the only console on the market with that amount of storage, but that's plenty of room to have a good amount of games stored on the hard drive.

You shouldn't have to choose between your nonsports games when installing games on your system. 

There's also an 8 TB external hard drive option from Seagate, which is insane.

Xbox One X specs and features: More variety on the field or court

Remember that motherload of memory we mentioned. That same asset will provide larger and more detailed worlds with more objects your controllable players can interact with during gameplay.

Allow us to paint a picture for you. Imagine you're playing WWE 2K and you're fighting outside the ring, up the ramp or even in the crowd. You know how there's all of this restricted area and objects that you can't touch? More memory should give developers the tools to create worlds with more things to touch and virtually feel. 

Xbox One X specs and features: Better commentary and presentation

Many sports gamers love good commentary in their sports titles. Unfortunately, this quality is few and far between.

Madden 17 did a great job keeping the commentary fresh. They added new lines of commentary on a regular basis and it made this aspect of its game more relevant.

With an even more powerful console, the possibilities for more enriched commentary and presentation should be doable.

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