'Super Mario Odyssey' Multiplayer: Nintendo teases local co-op gameplay mode at E3 2017


Some of the best Mario experiences are multiplayer. After fan-favorite series like Mario Kart, Mario Party and Super Smash Bros., it's no surprise that multiplayer would be the big question on every fan's mind as Nintendo unveiled Super Mario Odyssey gameplay at E3 2017.

Luckily, a Kotaku reporter at E3 decided to ask Nintendo directly — and now we have something of an answer.

Will Super Mario Odyssey have multiplayer? The answer is pretty vague.

As Kotaku reported, Nintendo representatives vaguely hinted at the possibility of both multiplayer play and perhaps some network features. Yoshiaki Koizumi, a producer on the title, suggested that the game will utilize both multiplayer and network features, as they're both integral to the appeal of the Switch.

What about multiplayer and online features? Well... "Since this is the Nintendo Switch and it does have two controllers, it’s very easy for you to imagine handing it to another person," said Yoshiaki Koizumi. "So there’s probably something you’ll hear about multiplayer. But the timing is not quite there so I hope you’re able to wait just a little bit longer to hear about that. And then as for network features, since this is something the hardware is capable of, there might be something you’ll hear about there as well, and I hope you'll look forward to it."

From the beginning, with the initial Nintendo Switch announcement trailer, local multiplayer has been a major selling point for the console.

However, Breath of the Wild launched with no multiplayer or network-related features. We'll have to wait and see when Odyssey gets closer to launch if and how the developers will feature multiplayer play.

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